The £2 Raspberry PI Tripod!

Raspberry Pi-Pod
The finished Tri-Pod

Here is a quick and easy way to get your PI & camera stable for taking time lapse photos & videos!

Take a trip to Poundland and buy:

The basic camera tripod:
Link to Poundland Site

Tripod Image
The Tripod in store

And a pack of 2 jelly iPod nano covers:

Nano case
The Nano Case in store

Construction is easy –

Use the end of a small plastic container to make a mounting point by drilling a hole in the base to enable it to sit tightly on the threaded screw at the top of the tripod. Drill a further 2 small holes in the front of the L-Shape to fix the camera to later.

Cable tie the Raspberry PI across 2 of the legs holding it tightly. I found the camera  ribbon cable sits across the top of the network socket on a model B allowing it to exit the case without any modifications:

Raspberry Pi tri-Pod
The top view of the tri pod.

Feed the camera through the slot in the nano case (it looks better when finished) Carefully position the camera onto the front. Feed some insulated wire through the four holes on the front of the camera feeding it back through the holes drilled on the tripod mount. Carefully tighten the wire to secure the camera to the tripod.

To stop the bright red light from the camera whenever it takes a picture/video:

Cut a small round hole in the middle of the Nano case just big enough for the camera lens to poke through. (Not too big else the light will still shine through.)

Fit this over the front to cover the camera electronics. (I used a tiny amount of glue to secure the edge of the nano case to the plastic L-Shaped mount.)

Raspberry Pi Tri Pod Camera
Back view of the Tri-Pod Camera.

Be careful to ensure the ribbon cable is able to move when you change the angle of the camera.

The finished product:

Raspberry Pi-Pod
The finished Tri-Pod


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