Feb 10

Flash problem with Raspberry PI 2!

It would appear when the new Raspberry PI 2 resets itself when a camera flash hits it! The simple workaround is to cover the processor!!


The New Raspberry PI 2 Is now on sale!



The new Raspberry PI 2 is now on sale!

Key features:

  • A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU (6x performance)
  • 1GB DDR2 SDRAM (2x memory)

The ARM v7 processor gives a massive performance boost and the ability to run a much wider range of distros including Ubuntu (Snappy) and Microsoft are planning a version of Windows 10 available FREE for the maker community!


Feb 08

Simple DIY Lambda Sensor

This will show how to assemble a few components and create a simple dashboard display for your in-car Lambda sensor.

A Lambda sensor is a component fitted to the exhaust system of a car that measures oxygen levels emitted from the engine. This information can be used to adjust the “mix” in the engine helping fine tune and improve performance of the car.

The following tutorial and diagrams show how a few simple components can add a high performance measuring tool to the dash of your car!