Jul 21

The Raspberry PI has a Time Lapse BBQ!

Raspberry PI BBQ!

Today I fixed my Raspberry PI with camera (running on battery) to a tree overlooking the BBQ and connected the battery…

You can see the charcoal being set, the FLAMES as I light it, the smoke & grill. Then watch the food wizzz around the grill before being eaten!! Mmmmm….
The Raspberry PI BBQ!


Jul 16

The Raspberry Pi runs on battery!


To make your Raspberry Pi time lapse device more portable you can add a battery pack!
Anker 10000mah Astro 3e on Amazon

Anker Astro 3E 10000mah Battery Set

The Anker Astro 3e Battery pack is available with 10000mah cell and features dual usb output BOTH at 1A – This allows you to charge an average smartphone 5 times from the battery.

Specifications on back of box:

Anker battery specifications

Product is supplied with a short usb cable and various adaptors to allow connection to major products (and Raspberry PI)


The Battery arrived fully charged but charging from empty takes around 20 hours. It features 4 lights that indicate how much charge is left in a minty blue colour. In my early tests I have connected the battery to the Raspberry PI and powered it continuously for 14 hours.

In my test I used a Model B Raspberry PI with Camera and Edimax Wifi Dongle connected using wifi. No keyboard, No Screen. Just used putty to connect to it.

To keep it busy I ran a time lapse screen capture every 15 seconds for over 12 hours.

The battery was still functioning on its last blue segment – but felt happier being able to shut down the PI safely! (didn’t want to corrupt my memory card!)

Overall I would say this is a very good well built product. Highly recommended.

Raspberry Pi with Battery